Why the fuck would you want to fly all the way to Texas and schlep all your shit to the beach, 1 hour south of Houston? Well, lemme tell ya. It’s the community you will find. You will forget any travel woahs you experience, the moment you walk in the door and are greeted by our house mama. She helps you find your room, gives you your swag and then gives you time to “land.” Then, when ready, you can exhale into our warm arms of ladies eager to be your best friend, sister, bitches, RAH!

And, before you even get to camp, you will be added to our super amazing HHC community group on fb. There, you will interact with hotties getting ready for camp. This is also a place where we decompress afterwards, so the re-entry is not so rough. It’s okay if you are like, huh, not this gal…just wait. It’ll be intensely rad.

Whah? You have travel anxiety or you are, like, coming from Canada??? We got this. After you purchase your ticket, you will also be connected with our travel ambassador, who will assist you with information you need and a little bit of hand holding if needed, to get you to the beach house. Sally is WONDERFUL at matchmaking for rides, and sharing rooms, etc.

So jump in, we wantcha and are ready for you. You will NEVER regret it. Don’t trust us, trust the community. It’s life changing, for reals.

* Ticket price includes sales tax and $250 non refundable deposit. NO refunds considered within 14 days of event – sucks I know, but it’s gotta be said. Should you need to cancel, we will do our best (with your help) to find a replacement for you. If for some reason you can’t attend HHC, you may transfer your ticket to another camper. Ticket transfers are free of charge up to two weeks prior to event. Afterwards, there will be a $50 shenanigan fee. Please notify us at [email protected] ASAP. If no one can fill the spot, all monies paid are lost. So just come already! Once you have arrived to Hottie Hoop Camp, you have started your camp and refunds will not be given under any circumstances. All payment plans must be completely paid prior to start of event or it is considered null and void. No refunds within 14 days of event.