Wednesday June 26

Arrival day!!!!

Arrive to Marfa!!! Welcome!!!!

Please feel free to stop by HQ to say hi when you arrive. We will post in the fb msg when we arrive. We will be in bed probs by 10:30, in order to get up and be ready for breakfast. If we miss you today, we’ll see you first thing for breakfast!!!!



504 N Austin St                     Marfa, TX 79843

Thursday June 27

8:30 am
Breakfast – provided

Let’s get together and start our day with HHC breakfast – our typical HHC fair included in your ticket price!

Bring your camp chair to sit in the house (there is not that much seating here y’all). 

Bring any specialty foods you need, too. 

You will get your bag and Lisa will give you a Marfa 411 review. 


504 N Austin St                     Marfa, TX 79843

10:30 am
Hoop Jam

Let’s get together and hoop it out. No curriculum, just a jam and skill share.


Look for us in the shady part of the yard. 

Bring all the water and your hoops. 🙂



The Courthouse

300 Highland St

Marfa, TX 79843

5:00 pm
Pool Crash! 

The pool is open for locals to crash after 5 or 6pm. Let’s get in a refreshing dip before we head over to look at the lights! 


Food options:

The pool has food you can order for purchase while swimming.


St. George Hotel Pool (meet at Lisa’s Barbie – 116 El Paso St.)

8:00 pm
Marfa Lights!

Come early to watch the sunset and admire the Mystical Marfa Lights!

Bring chairs, sweater, LED props, music, drinks, and a fun attitude!

Food Options:

None – bring what you want/need. It’s fun to bring topos.


Mystery Lights Viewing Area

US-90, Marfa, TX 79843

Friday June 28

8:00 – 9:00 am Arrival time
Balmorhea!!! (provided)

We already have your ticket. Meet us at the gate!

Arrive between 8-9. We will have a picnic breakfast waiting for you. (Bring a mug for your coffee).

Bring all your pool gear. Giant floaties welcome!  Bring a cooler, anything you could want. We will be here all day! 

Upon arrival: Drop off all your stuff by the bathrooms, leave a person with your stuff, and someone park the car. It’s so much easier.

Running late and need more time, no problem. Buy a ticket when you arrive and come on in. We are usually to the right under the trees (kinda by the diving board area).


Food Options:

Y’all. It has a snack bar. Think nachos with canned cheese. Bring some good snacks/lunch food. We will have your breakfast. And bring all the water!


9207 TX-17 
Toyahvale, TX 79786

Saturday June 29

8:30 am
Breakfast (provided)

Let’s get together and start our day with HHC breakfast – our typical fair included in your ticket price!



504 N Austin St                     Marfa, TX 79843

9:30 am

Marfa Market

“We are start our 14th season of the Farmstand Marfa at the Hotel Saint George Hall in the outside courtyard. It will start at 9:30 a.m. and run until around 11 or so.” 

A small but special market that offers organic breads and pastries, farm fresh eggs, beef jerky, tamales, burritos, salsas and always more. Local artists and crafts people sell their wares. Always something new and unexpected 

Bring cash or visit the ATM at the Marfa National Bank or Porters Market before coming.


Food Options:

This is a good place to pick up tamales, bread (get there early), and goat cheese. 


It’s across the street from Lisa’s Barbie. 

116 El Paso.

11:00 am


I recommend starting in Alpine and ending in Marfa.

Faves in Alpine:

Humane Society Thrift

Deja Vu

Bloom (higher scale thrift shop)


Marfa Museum Thrift Shop

And then just hit some local shops (el paso st, san antonio st, highland ave, etc):

The rock shop! – it’s bad ass

Candy Shop


Hotel Paisano

St. George



Create your own adventure!

6:00 pm

 Dinner & Star Party!

Meet for a pot luck potato bar dinner at HQ (bring some toppings of your dreams – Lisa’s got the potatoes on lock down for you)

Then we will head over to the star party, caravan style. (Blythe already got your star party ticket locked down)!

This is your fashion show hotties. DRESS it all up!!! Go bananas. Blythe is bringing some face paint, so we can paint on the galaxies! Lisa’s got some metallic tattoos to gussy up with.

Bring layers, this is outside at night in the mountains, it’s brisque at times. 

This is a late night! So plan on driving home in the super dark very late. Go slow, be safe. <3

Food options:

There is a little cafe at the observatory, so you can grab a coffee or tea if you must. 


504 N Austin St                     Marfa, TX 79843

Sunday June 30

9:30 am

A later start this am to recover from star party!

Breakfast (provided)

Our last breakfast together. Come on over and let’s recap your trip or just eat and get on the road. <3



504 N Austin St                     Marfa, TX 79843

11:00ish am
Prada Photo Shoot! (optional)

Let’s dress cute (but good in HOT sun) and meet with all the hoops at Prada for a hoopy photo shoot!




14880 US-90, Valentine, TX 79854.

5:00 pm
Pool Crash! (optional)

The pool is open for locals to crash after 5 or 6pm. Let’s get in a refreshing dip before we head over to look at the lights!



St. George Hotel Pool (meet at Lisa’s Barbie – 116 El Paso St.)

Monday July 1 - Bonus Day


Rowan and Blythe will be there from 9a – 1pm

Balmorhea!!! (optional)

This is an extra day event. No more breakfast. But some of you will still be around…so we thought we would tell ya, where we will be. NOTHING is open on Monday – so we are gonna hit the water!!!



9207 TX-17 
Toyahvale, TX 79786

4:00 pm

Slowpoke (optional)

Stick and Poke Tattoos!

Blythe RSVP’d for 5 of us. Come on over and support.

Getting a tattoo? Bring your favorite healing salve with you so you are ready.



200 South Russell Street          Marfa, Texas 79843

  • WATER!
  • Lotion
  • Hoops! LED props! (CHARGERS!!!)
  • Yoga Mat
  • Camp Chair
  • Meal Planning food!
  • Bathing Suit
  • Cell phone with camera!
  • Phone Charger for car too – Nav people
  • Cooler?
  • DVDs
  • Art making things
  • creativity


Balmorhea dreams:

  • Sunglasses you don’t give a shit about
  • Swim Suit
  • Sunshirt if you burn!
  • Banging towel
  • Sunscreen for days
  • Floatie of your dreams!
  • Camp Chair/yoga mat
  • Parasol
  • WATER!!!! (Your Nalgene floats btw)

Blythe and Rowan wanna do a photo shoot for their clothing line to sell on Depop. Got anything you need amazing lighting for and want your bitches to model?

Stuff to do

Stuff to know

  • Everything is pretty far apart from each other. Alpine – 30 mins away. Balmorhea – 1 hour, Prada – 30 mins, meeting place for dinner (star party night) – 1 hour, star party – 1.5 hours. So have that in your mind. Getting around Marfa – no time. BUT it is HOT AF out there y’all. It’s the desert in June.
  • The afternoon is a great time to take a nap. You will feel the call to sloooooow down in the heat, and that’s great. Take a nap. Go in AC and read, rest, recoup. We built in that down time for a reason.
  • Listen to your body. Stay ahead of the hydration. Just take it easy and drink water even if you are not thirsty.
  • Groceries – plan on bringing what you need. There are three stores (and they close around 8pm). There’s the Dollar General, Porter’s is a fairly low rent country grocery store (but it’s soooo much better than it used to be). And then there is the Get Go which is a small high-end grocery (organic stuff, – like a mini whole foods).
  • Nothing is open on Monday, or Sunday or Tuesday, or whenever they feel like it for that matter.
  • Food. It is expensive to eat out there and takes forever (what’s your hurry y’all). So know that going in. Plan when you wanna spend the $ and time eating out.
  • Frama!!! They have good coffee, ice cream, INTERNET and laundry. The nitro cold brew is BOMB!
  • INTERNET: It’s best at Frama and if you sit out front of the St. George. 
  • The light here!!! OMG, shoot shoot shoot photos. You will get home and see how magical this light is. Stop and just notice how it rests on the ground. It’s pretty damn stunning. 
  • At night, it’s DARK!!! Be mindful if you are walking at night – last year Brad and I kept running into a very serious Skunk. 

This event is produced by Punk Rock Hoops, LLC.