Now Accepting Applications!!! 

So you wanna vend in the Lookin’ Fly Boutique?
Well lucky us!  Here’s the deal…
It’s a small room but totally dedicated to the boutique.

We strive to have an awesome variety of goodies for our Hotties to choose from. We have a Boutique Mama (AlliGrrl) who will be overseeing the boutique – she will assist Vendors and Hotties as needed. The Boutique Mama will not be present during all operating hours nor will she be taking payment for your items. Instead she is there to represent PRH and the boutique, create an environment of ease, answer questions, and provide a good overall flow. Additionally, AlliGrrl is your Lookin’ Fly Boutique contact and will help ensure the following requirements are met in order to vend your awesomeness at HHC:

  • This year there is a $35 feefor each vendor space to cover the room and boutique costs.  This fee gives you about 3ft to rock our socks off with your display.  You can purchase more than one space if 3ft is just not enough for all the awesomeness you plan to bring.  There are only about 10 vendor spaces available, so send in your application ASAP!
  • This year we are also offering “Service Vendor” spots for anyone wishing to perform services at Hottie Hoop Camp (massage, hair braiding, tattoos, photography, and so on).  There will be a$20 fee per service offered to our Hotties.
  • Applications from teachers and return campers get first priority in consideration.  Remaining spaces will be filled with new campers. All applications are due by Sunday, February 28th.  No applications will be accepted after February 28th – NO EXCEPTIONS. Responses will be sent by Friday, March 4th and payment will be due immediately.  AlliGrrl will begin promoting vendors on Saturday, March 5th in order of application and payment receipt.  Displays will be set up beginning Wednesday, March 29th on a first come, first serve basis and need to be complete by opening circle at Noon on Thursday, March 30th.
  • Official Hottie Hoop Camp 2016 Lookin’ Fly Boutique Hours and are listed below :
    • Thursday Noon – 8:30PM
    • Friday 9:00AM – 8:30PM
    • Saturday 9:00AM – 8:30PM
    • Sunday 9:00AM – 11:00AM (last chance to shop!)
  • The Boutique Mama will not be present during all open hours. By completing the application you agree that PRH is not responsible for your goods.
  • Hotties will be asked to find vendors during breaks and not disrupt classes to purchase items.
  • Boutique Vendors, your items must be clearly priced with your name and cell #. Please let your customer know in your display what forms of payment are accepted – a sign perhaps with your brand name?  The Boutique Mama will provide ribbon and tags in the Boutique.  This will allow the Hotties to tag items with their name and phone number if they intend to purchase.  The Hottie should sync up with the vendor as quickly as possible to complete checkout. The tags are not for holding the entire weekend and finalizing a purchase on Sunday – noooo way. It is only for them to have a way to hold their items until the first available time the vendor is available for check out.
  • Boutique Vendors, please bring a display for your items. As you can see, there aren’t any tables or bookshelves in the room. There are at least ten other vendors, so space will be somewhat limited.  Be creative!
  • Backpack Vendors that are providing a service will need tocreate a sign to display in the boutique.  State your service, name, price range, and cell phone number.  Be sure to clarify if it’s available during or after HHC (you may want a sign-up sheet if it’s during the event).
  • So you’ve read through the above guidelines and you still want to rock your goods at HHC?  Awesome!  Complete the Lookin’ Fly Boutique Vendor Application to sell your killer goodies or the Service Vendor Application to pimp your awesome services online now!  If your application is approved you will receive instructions for payment, which will be due immediately.  Please note that we’re looking to offer a variety of goods at HHC, so we’re trying not to duplicate merchandise if possible.  If you have any questions regarding the boutique or application please contact AlliGrrl at [email protected] for assistance.  Thanks for your interest in vending at Hottie Hoop Camp 2016!