Frequently asked questions:

  1. Who’s invited? Ladies only! Dudes are welcome to come to the big show on Saturday night and watch us strut our stuff. Ladies need to be 16 or older (with supervision for under 18).
  2. Do I need to be proficient with Hooping or Yoga?  NO! Virgins welcome!
  3. Do I have to have my own hoop to come?  No way! If you have a hoop, bring it! There will be a few hoops for sale in the boutique which will likely work for you.
  4. How do I sign up?  Click here to register —>  https://hottiehoopcamp.com/sign-me-up-stat-2/
  5. Do I have to pay all of it now?  Yup, we have early bird tickets until they sell out. Housing is limited. If you wait too long, no problem, buy an everything but the bed pass and stay at a local hotel.
  6. How do I connect with folks to share a hotel room? After you register, you will be added to the super sly private facebook group. There, you can reach out the HHC community for ride sharing, room sharing, etc. We also have a travel ambassador to help ease the travel anxiety.
  7. I have special food requirements, what do I do? Please let us know of any allergies. Meals will be vegetarian but if there is something you need or desire for your eating habits, please bring it with you.
  8. I don’t have a lot of friends, wanna make new ones but I’m scared about sharing a bed. Do I have to share??? Well no! Register early and you can call one of the twin bunk beds for sure. If you wrangle a friend into going or change your mind about sharing, we can switch things around later. Notice the trend here, early registration gets the u-call it experience. 🙂 You can also choose to get an everything but the bed pass and stay at the neighboring hotel, then you have all the room your heart desires.
  9. Where is this place?  Surfside Beach is southwest of Galveston. It is roughly an hour away from Houston. Traffic can be a bitch, so we strongly encourage showing up for the opening circle.
  10. What if I sign up but something comes up and I can’t attend after all? Our policy is as follows: Ticket price includes $250 non refundable deposit. NO refunds considered within 14 days of event – sucks I know, but it’s gotta be said. Should you need to cancel, we will do our best (with your help) to find a replacement for you. If for some reason you can’t attend HHC, you may transfer your ticket to another camper. Ticket transfers are free of charge up to two weeks prior to event. Afterwards, there will be a $50 shenanigan fee. Please notify us at [email protected] ASAP. If no one can fill the spot, all monies paid are lost. So just come already! Once you have arrived to Hottie Hoop Camp, you have started your camp and refunds will not be given under any circumstances. All payment plans must be completely paid prior to start of event or it is considered null and void (no refunds within 14 days of event).

  11. Who inspires your moves and who have you trained with, Punk Rock Hoops, LLC? Rowan and Blythe are both Punk Rock Hoop, Hoopnotica, BodyHoops and HoopChi certified. We have studied with The Hoop Path, The Hoop Technique, HoopGirl instructors, Miss Rosie, Khan Wong, Brecken Rivara and Lara Eastburn & Droo Martin. We constantly attend trainings and master classes in order to keep it fresh. In addition to our extensive hoopdance training, you will see our Nia trainings (Blue Belts) infused in our offerings. We feel so confident in our abilities that we now offer our own Teacher Training. It not only teaches people to be a hoop instructor but we show you how to launch a hoop teaching (or any kind really) biz! What the what? Yup! AND recently, Blythe has been invited as a black belt hoop pather to take the training upon it’s launching, we are super honored for this invitation.
SUCH fond memories of my first HHC. I think of you all daily 🙂
LE 2012